The Chime SDK and Real-Time Communication with John Hathaway


In this episode of the Augusto Digital Insights podcast, Brain Anderson sat down for a conversation with John Hathaway, Senior Specialist for AWS’ Amazon Chime SDK, to discuss his career journey and the implications of real-time communications for business.

Augusto Digital Insights: Founder Series, featuring Marty Balkema, Augusto co-founder


Marty Balkema, co-founder of Augusto, shares his theory behind building a client roster and positive reputation by banking on trust and hiring great people.
In this episode of the Augusto Digital Insights podcast, Brian Anderson interviews Marty Balkema—a 20-year software development veteran and the COO and co-founder of Augusto. As a leader on the executive team, Marty has been instrumental in helping to shape the company’s operations and culture. This is one part of a series focused on the people and relationships that guide Augusto’s vision for the future.

Augusto Digital Insights: Founder Series, featuring Jim Becher


Jim Becher, co-founder of Augusto shares how he accidentally found his way into software, systems architecture and, now, building strategic partnerships. In this episode of the Augusto Health IT Podcast, Brian Anderson connects with Jim Becher, Director of Strategic Partnerships and co-founder of Augusto. Jim has a 20-year career focused on consulting, computer science, IT management, enterprise-scale systems architecture, and team leadership.

Augusto Digital Insights: Founders Series, featuring Joel Ross pt. 1


Joel Ross, co-founder of Augusto, shares the history behind Augusto and the many entrepreneurial efforts he and Brian Anderson have led. One day, Brian invited Joel and Jim Becher to his cottage on Little Whitefish Lake. He took the guys for a boat ride, dropped the anchor, and wouldn’t let them go back to shore until they formed a deal to start their own company.

An Interview with George Bosnjak


In this episode, Brian Anderson interviews George Bosnjak, an industry guru in the world of Health IT. George is vice president of member development for Professional Credentials Exchange (ProCredEx), a small start-up focused on improving the clinical credentialing process. There, he helps connect the healthcare community in a trusted network and create innovative tools that, together, eliminate credentialing waste.

An Interview with Gerry Miller


A serial entrepreneur, Gerry was approached by Microsoft Consulting Services and asked to serve as practice manager for the Great Lakes district and, later, the chief technology officer for the Central U.S. region.

An Interview with Tim Pletcher


The growth of Interoperability connects the data of everyone in the healthcare ecosystem, while ensuring cybersecurity. Hear from Dr. Tim Pletcher of MiHIN.

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